Killing Robert

Note: Leah sits lost in the memory of the first time she kissed the only man she’s ever loved. All while she follows Robert home to seduce and kill him. 

He pulled away and walked to the street ahead, I followed slowly, taking time to study his body as he hailed a taxi for us. As I stepped in and sat down, he closed the door behind us and got as close to me as possible.

Taking his coat off

Laying it across our laps

He pulled my hand

Till it sat between his legs

That hardness against my palm

He flexed and then put his mouth close to my ear

His soft lips grazing it

“Is this what you want?”

I nodded

The tingle creeping up

Creeping up into my hips

Resting in my belly

Straight up through the middle of my chest

Till the thumping of my heart leapt up into my throat

When that tingle finally reached my lips, and I could do nothing to stop myself, I kissed him. As we sat there at a stop light somewhere between Soho and Kensington, I held his face in my hands. Never in my life had I felt more worthy and alive, than when his lips were on mine.

Yet here I am following some scumbag. The gleam of that same man’s taillights making me ask myself again and again in the dying light of who I was, “Could I actually kill him?”

The answer to that was easy.



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