Ezekiel 33:8-9

Excerpt from Chapter 14

My steps seemed in ordinately slow as I approached his house. My body felt sleek and fluid. That familiar warmth making its way up from my feet again, circling around my legs and settling between my thighs when I opened his door.

He turned standing in the kitchen and looked at me as he held two cheap beers.

“This is all I have. I’m sorry, I know a girl like you likes something a little more substantial. “

A smile creeping across my lips I asked him where I could put my bag. He pointed to his fucked-up dining room table on the left side of the living room. Filthy fucking plaid chairs. Cheap fucking laminate grain. All of it circa 1970 fucking five. I wanted to open his throat right then and there.

It had to be just right.

As I turned, I saw that he’d assumed the eons old position of all men who thought they were going to get their dick sucked. Legs open as he sat on his couch. That ugly ass shit stain brown couch that he’d clearly wiped his greasy hands on a million times over.

Adjusting himself through his jeans

Not that there was much worth anything to adjust

Looking at me like his cock was offering sweet juice

Like it was a hummingbird feeder

I rolled my eyes inside my head and walked towards him. Kneeling when I reached him,

My hands

Pretty pink painted nails

Unzipping his oil stained jeans

I wanted to vomit when I could see that he was rock hard. It took everything not to just gut him where he sat. It was boiling in my stomach like a rancid gumbo. Frothy and pungent.

His cock had made its way out of his boxers when I made him stand chest to chest with me. Eye to eye, I told him to repeat after me if he wanted me to go down on him.

“Do you know Ezekiel 33:8-9?” I asked him while kissing his neck.

He nodded and stammered,

“I went to Sunday school. My mother was extremely religious. “

The lamb was breathless.

Words rolled from his mouth while my tits were pressed hard against him. My hand loosening the knife from my waist band. It was cruel because he was so completely clueless as he spoke,

” When I say unto the wicked, O wicked man, thou shalt surely die; if thou dost not speak to warn the wicked from his way, that wicked man shall die in his iniquity; but his blood will I require at thine hand.”

A vibration started coursing through his body as he finished the words and I started to massage the front of his boxers.

“Do you remember her face? “the words leaving my mouth as I gently licked his earlobe while I brought the knife slowly up behind his back.

“Do you remember how she asked for her mother?”

There in that living room before he should speak, I took the knife and split open the back of his skull. His chest still pressed against mine.


Thick red syrup

Crimson running down the front of his neck just as he realized what had happened. Shoving it further till it hit cartilage and his windpipe burst. Sending spatters of blood from his lips as he gasped while trying to shove me.

The droplets warm as they sprayed my face.

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